Savage Cubs MMA Programme

The Class

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and we here at TSFA believe that the athletes that compete within this sport are some of the most talented, gifted, hard working individuals seen in competitive sport. However, in order to get to the highest level, the grounding starts from a young age where children, no matter their ability, social standing, social skills, and behavioral issues, all bond together for a common goal, self improvement through the use of martial arts. This is where we come in.

Our program takes on board children under no prejudice, and aims to better them from day one to completion of the course. Its tough, challenging but ultimately engaging enough for them to sink their teeth into and want to learn and continually improve. From day one they’ll be greeted and treated like a long term member of the academy, and once a basic taster is undergone where the kids will choose their favored discipline to start with, they’ll work on things like social skills, communicating in a friendly and effective manners, learn respect and the traditional morales associated with martial arts and even vital functional development such as developing basic bodily motor skills such as balance & hand eye co-ordination which as proven through research is vital to a child’s growth.

The four main components of martial arts which shall be covered throughout the course will be striking which is boxing, kickboxing or karate, and wrestling which shall help when on the floor along with some basic ju-jitsu to challenge the children as ju-jitsu is seen in the martial art world as a game of chess. Each discipline has its own syllabus, and criteria which we shall mark children on toward the completion of the course. We will be strict but fair as we want the kids to demonstrate correct form on the techniques but also to be responsible and pass a verbal aspect of the course which shall be things such as knowing the techniques, when to use them, how not to use them etc.

Each class will be covered and full coaches by well trained professionals with years of experience and their assistants. All of these instructors will encourage the children to push themselves at a steady rate, but to mainly learn and not be afraid of failing.

So choose us to provide a cost effective, friendly, well structured program for your children’s personal growth and empowerment!

Savage Cubs MMA
  • Functional Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Body Motor Skills
  • Balance & Hand Eye Co-ordination