Disabled Clientele

Specialist Service

Another one of our specialisms comes from providing programmes, and knowledge for those that come from a disproportionately represented area of culture, that are neglected when it comes to health and fitness.

The disabled. We feel that there is a stigma associated with being disabled, and it’s almost expected that day to day activities will change, and that a healthy lifestyle is no longer achievable. We aim to change that perception.

The programs we deliver focus on exercise that simulates everyday activities, so once a client has finished one of our 8-week programmes, they should find tasks such as cleaning up, walking the dog, or playing with their children at a more manageable level.

If you are classified as disabled, suffer from mobility problems, or simply want to improve your quality of life please don’t hesitate to enquire about our services, and let us help you.

  • Functional Movement Improvement
  • Motivation & Energy Boost
  • Break The Boring Daily Routine