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The Savage Fitness Academy

Founded in Wolverhampton in 2018, The Savage Fitness Academy has set its sights on providing that personal touch and providing that little bit extra that you wouldn’t find in an everyday fitness facility.

We realise the price of eating healthy and working out regularly costs more than your average fast food takeaway, and is a lot more time consuming and physically demanding. But that’s where we come in, instead of providing a generic, lacklustre program, we aim to provide industry leading specialism, no matter the goal, at a cost-effective price, in manageable bite size chunks.

It’s the small things that give us our identity here at the Savage Fitness Academy, so whether you’re a full-time parent with little time on your hands or motivation to keep healthy, a new beginner to fitness and want a guide to achieving that goal of yours, or an elderly client who just wants to have a good quality of life and to be able to do everyday activities pain free, then make us your first choice and together let’s achieve your goals today.

We run sessions around Wolverhampton area and through our online services.

Classes start from £5 or the taster session is £3

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